Marketing services that increase lead generation with a return on investment

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Black Fox Marketing collaborate with you to discover what your current marketing setup is, what goals you’re trying to achieve and identify digital marketing solutions to generate the leads you require.

Extend your customer reach and increase leads

Whether you have a brand new or existing website, Google Ads is a cost effective way of advertising your product or service online via multiple user devices such as computers and mobiles. 

Black Fox Marketing offer full Google Ad account management to help grow and monitor your marketing ROI.

Did you know? Google Ads is a great way for new businesses to generate visitors to their new website, speeding up the process compared to organic traffic

Consistent social media branding across online platforms

Having a consistent marketing brand across your Social Media accounts is very important for customers to grow a familiarity with your business. 

Black Fox Marketing can create marketing materials such as social media banners and infographics to tie in with your business website design. We can also set up new accounts for platforms you have not targeted yet.

Did you know? For Social Media, infographics are significant upgrades on basic text posting for engagement and spreading brand awareness.

Track your conversions to monitor performance

Sure, paying for marketing your business professionally can provide lucrative returns. But how do you monitor the performance of spend vs return?

Black Fox Marketing can set up Google Ads conversion tracking – giving you a quick overview of how your adverts are performing and where the leads have originated from.

Did you know? Black Fox Marketing provide an easy to understand monthly report to help you keep track of performance and return on investment.

Extend your customer reach and increase leads

To be effective on social media platforms, it is recommended to post business content at least every other day.

Black Fox Marketing can provide this service for you on your behalf – allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

We work with the main social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Did you know? Black Fox Marketing can provide social media posting schedules up to 60 days in advance with matching infographics

Social media infographics that increase engagement

We create modern infographics for social media use that increase engagements with the ultimate goal of generating leads for your business.

Using the two infographic examples here, from before and after, we’ve increased the following statistics (Twitter) 

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