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In this case study, we’ll examine the transformation of Foster Electrical Service’s website which has netted nearly £50,000 worth of leads (to date) and a huge 137% increase in website traffic.

With a steady business growth trajectory, we recognized the untapped potential of their website and sought to enhance their online presence.

Website Design Foster Electrical

Who are they?

Foster Electrical Service provide electrical installations and repairs to businesses and homes all over East Anglia.

What were the goals?

Foster Electricals’ primary objectives were twofold: increase leads and conversions from their website while improving search engine rankings, and focus on generating more high-value solar panel installation leads. They aimed to position their business at the forefront when local users searched for electricians online.

How could I support?

To achieve these goals, a multifaceted approach was adopted, consisting of the following key initiatives:

a) Website Rebuild:

While retaining the existing design elements that aligned with Foster Electricals’ brand identity, the website underwent a complete rebuild. The focus was on enhancing user experience, improving on-page SEO elements, and incorporating additional pages, blogs, and contact forms to drive increased SEO and customer inquiries.

b) On-Page SEO and Blog Writing:

To boost search engine visibility and attract organic traffic, on-page SEO optimizations were implemented. Additionally, a dedicated blog section was created, providing valuable information about solar panels to potential customers, not only fostering trust but also bolstering the website’s SEO.

c) Social Media Advertising:

To reach a wider audience and capture leads for their solar panel installations, optimized digital advertisements were crafted for Facebook. These ads aimed to maximize lead collection and increase the visibility of Foster Electricals’ services to the target audience.

d) Performance Tracking:

By implementing robust tracking mechanisms, the effectiveness of the changes and additions made to the website could be measured. This allowed Foster Electrical to determine the return on investment and assess the success of our optimization efforts.

e) Enhanced Security:

Recognising the importance of safeguarding their website, I implemented a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that blocked visitors from continents with a higher prevalence of bots, thereby increasing security and protecting their online presence.

The Results

The number of keywords their website ranked for soared once proper SEO was implemented

The transformation brought about significant improvements for Foster Electrical Service, as evidenced by the following results:

a) Increased Lead Generation:

Within the first few months of the website’s relaunch, Foster Electrical experienced a notable surge in leads. Impressively, the website’s contact forms alone generated estimated leads worth nearly £50,000 to date.

b) Enhanced Website Performance:

The website’s overall performance saw remarkable improvements. It became quicker to load, spam messages reduced, and a surge in both website visitors and inquiries were observed. These positive changes contributed to a substantial boost in the user experience.

c) Improved Search Engine Visibility:

Through strategic SEO optimizations, Foster Electrical witnessed an increase in the number of keywords for which their website ranked. This ensured greater visibility on search engines, ultimately driving more targeted traffic to their website.

To put it into context, Foster Electricals’ website started with 31 ranking keywords. To date, the website now ranks for over 250 including over 150 for solar panel related keywords.

I am continuing to grow their websites content with dedicated pages and blogs for more electrical services that they offer.

The Statistics to date (May 2023)

This information is comparing data from September 13th 2020 – January 17th 2022 (old website) to January 18th 2022 – May 25th 2023 (new website)

Website visitors

Website visitors increased by 137%

Website conversions – 440+

Organic search acquisition increased 60% (how many people visited the website from search engines)

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