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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of a website.

Without effective SEO, your website is likely to struggle on search engines which can dramatically reduce your enquires resulting in thousands of pounds worth of lost revenue.

Everyone wants to be on the first page, but not everyone deserves to be there. Your brand and website have to earn it.

So what is SEO?

SEO is the process of taking steps to help a website or piece of content rank higher on search engine results

These steps could include the creation of quality content, such as blogs or case studies on your services or products that has a demand.

How do I know if the demand is there?

I can provide you with a free SEO report on the performance of your chosen keywords using real search engine data. No guesswork, no hours and hours of research, and no convoluted jargon.

For example, you may have found me from searches like “SEO Norfolk”, “Norfolk SEO Consultant” or “SEO Suffolk”. This isn’t by accident, I’ve optimised for these keywords because I know these are the search terms that people are searching for.

See below the steps I take to improve your websites SEO so you’re ranking on the first page of Google 

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Did you know? Leads from search engines have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (ex. cold-calling, direct mail, etc.) have a 1.7% close rate. This shows the huge benefit in an effective website design paired with a good SEO strategy!

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68% of online experiences begin with a search engine

Stage One

The planning stage

SEO Audit

Carrying out search engine optimisation without assessing your current website performance leads to a strategy based on speculation.

Proper SEO strategy comes with detailed analysis of where a website currently sits in terms of technical, on-page and off-page elements. 

So what do I audit?

75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines

Stage Two

The action stage

Technical SEO

Whether or not you are launching a new site, redesigning an old site, or simply have a website that has stagnated, you must consider the on-page technical health of your website.

Your website architecture is paramount to SEO success. Getting search engines like Google to properly access and understand your site is key to ranking.

Think of technical SEO (and on-page SEO) as laying a solid foundation for your website.

It’s the first process I undertake when building or re-designing a new website, as doing this early saves headaches later on down the line!

Did you know? Sites that give search engines a deeper understanding perform better in search results.

Imagine submitting a 10,000-word dissertation to your English speaking lecturer written in French.

It might be good content, but if the examiner can’t read it, then it’s useless!

Local SEO

In your area, there could be hundreds or thousands of people searching for businesses like yours. Imagine the enquiries or leads your business could receive which just a small piece of this pie!

I look at local search terms and keywords relevant to your business that have high search volume. We can then use this information to create location based content that will rank high on search engines, increasing your visibility. 

Ensuring you have a Google My Business listing detailing the areas you cover is vital for appearing on local search results and map locations.

I can set this up or optimise this for you ensuring you get the most out of your listing.

I also look at citations for your business such as Yell or Thomson Local online listings. It is essential to keep your name, address, phone number and website consistent.

Google uses directory listings to validate that you are where you say you are and that the phone number, website, location and business all relate to the same place. Keeping all four consistent is key for local SEO. 

Did you know? Nearly 50% of searches on Google seek local information. The average person conducts more than 3 searches a day.

There’s an estimated 2.5 million people living in East Anglia, that’s over 7 million searches carried out that could be looking for businesses like yours!

Backlink Building

The number of websites linking to your website has often been touted as one of (if not THE) most important search engine ranking factors. 

You gain backlinks by creating quality content that other websites may find useful and want to feature on their own website., They then credit yours with a ‘follow’ backlink. 

Your competitors will be building links if they are ranking well on search engines. Building links is difficult but by reaching out to relevant websites and featuring your content you can climb Google rankings much more quickly.

I can generate a backlink report for your website so we can see in detail which high (and low) ranking websites are currently linking to yours

Did you know? There are some businesses who try and cut corners and ‘black hat’ their strategy for backlinks by purchasing them in bulk from unofficial sources. I will NEVER do this for any customers as this runs the risk of Google penalising your search rankings.

Content Creation

Creating regular and quality content is a must for ranking high on search engines.

This can be done through blogs, landing pages or case studies. I use software that can give your business ideas and inspiration for content that has a high search volume. For example, “SEO Norfolk” is searched 5x more per month than “Norfolk SEO”, so I would build my content around that keyword to attract the most traffic to my website.

This has helped my customers rank for new keywords and improve their website traffic.

By creating a portfolio of blogs and case studies that link to other areas of your website, you can grow your website rankings quicker. 

Did you know? It is recommended that blogs are a minimum of 300 words of content 

Website Design

No matter how much content you have on your website, if it isn’t easy to navigate or find what the user is looking for you will lose out on potential enquiries and sales. 

Sometimes, a website re-design is necessary. Redesigning properly and correctly redirecting your old website pages may see a minimal decline in your search engine rankings in the short-term but with a medium-long term benefit as Google indexes your new website.

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