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It’s not goodbye after your website is built! Black Fox Marketing provide aftercare support to ensure your website is updated and protected against malicious attacks

Take a look at what our Website Support package features below…

Website hosting from UK based providers

For startups and new businesses, we will host your website on our UK based servers to ensure fast loading times for your website users. 

If you already have a website and want us to manage this for you, we can migrate your website files and email accounts.

Did you know? If you’re unsure on what website hosting is, think of your website like a house. The hosting is the land that it sits on – vital!

Frequent backups for piece of mind

We backup your website before every single major change, website update or addition. 

Not only that, but we store backups on the cloud so should anything go wrong with our hardware – you won’t lose a thing.

Did you know? Backing up a website can take minutes but save hours of time and troubleshooting should something go wrong

.co.uk domain name included

If you’re a startup who hasn’t purchased your domain name yet, we can do this for you on your behalf. 

For those who have an existing website – we’ll point the website hosting to the domain to ensure users can access your site.

Did you know? If you have purchased a domain name, you usually need to wait 60 days before transferring this over to a new provider. If you’re unsure, get in touch with us!

SSL certificates to enhance website security

All of our websites are secure with SSL certificates that are automatically updated.

SSL certificates greatly reduce the risk of website attacks.

Did you know? SSL certificates are mandatory if your website accepts payments online.

Core WordPress and plugin updates

Keeping your website updated is critical, not only for security but for website performance too! Who sticks around on a slow website anyway?

We’ll look after your WordPress Website by updating your website plugins, theme and core updates.

Did you know? Plugins are software which WordPress uses for functionality. For example, if you wanted to build a customer area on your website a membership plugin could be used!

Unlimited text and image changes

We’re not going to charge you for basic text and image changes on existing pages on your website. Of course, fair usage of this feature applies!

If you require additional pages to be added after the website has been released, we are happy to discuss this with you!

Did you know? Images and text needs to be provided by you of course, but we are happy to assist with copy writing & photo editing if required!

Business email accounts and migration

With our website support package, once your domain has been purchased we can create email accounts and set them up for you. 

Desktop, laptop or mobile we will ensure you can send and receive on the go.

Did you know? If you already have business email accounts, we can migrate them over to our hosting and set them up again on your devices. You won’t lose any emails in this process (IMAP)

Google services set up

Get the most out of your website. Black Fox Marketing will set up and manage your Google services:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Google Ads (if required)

Did you know? Setting up Google My Business is a brilliant free way of increasing your local organic traffic.

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