Does my business need a website redesign?

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Your website is one of the most important marketing materials your business can have. It’s the digital shopfront for potential customers who are enquiring about your services and its open 24/7, it’s no surprise an attractive store gets more visitors!

By getting your website design right for your business you can improve conversions, whether it be enquiries, leads or sales and stand out from your local competitors.

In this blog we’ll explore why your business may require a website redesign and how your business will benefit from it!

What is a website redesign? And what’s the difference from a website refresh?

A website redesign involves large scale changes to your website with the aim to improve your websites performance. This may be required if there are lots of reasons why users are not converting into customers.

A website refresh involves smaller tweaks and changes, such as navigation changes which make it easier for customers to use your website. This may be required if your conversion rates are declining slowly over time.

Why would I need a website redesign?


Your website needs to keep up with modern technology changes. Website best practices change over time and what worked 10 years ago may not necessarily work today. Be it with functionality or style, a standard lifespan of a website without major changes is around 5-7 years.

An outdated website is untrustworthy and can put off potential customers, especially if the website is ecommerce which sells products or content. Your website visitors may well wonder if your business is out of date too.


A website redesign can also help improve your SEO (Search engine optimisation) which will lead to more organic traffic through search engines, relieving your budget on pulling customers in with paid advertising. Google says some ranking factors that affect SEO include page loading times, optimised content and backlinks.


More and more internet users are now using their mobile devices over laptops and computers. With the boom of smart phones over the past decade it’s easier to access websites quickly rather than wait for a computer to boot up.

This means it’s vital that your website is responsive on a range of devices ensuring that content is not ‘cut-off’ or lost on smaller screens.

Low Conversion Rates

If your business website is not attracting conversions despite decent traffic, it’s a good indicator that your website needs a redesign. If your website is not engaging enough or doesn’t have clear paths for users to contact you or purchase a product, your users will go elsewhere to your competitors.  

Benefits of a website redesign


A website redesign is the chance to re-upload large file sized JPG photos into the new Webp format which will cut your website load time down dramatically without compromising on quality.

Increased performance

By simplifying your websites navigation your users will thank you! By being able to get the information they require quickly improves your chances of obtaining that conversion, lead or sale.


As websites expand naturally over time, they can become messy. Especially if they include blogs or product categories. A website redesign is the chance to tidy the structure of your website and make it easier for users (and Google bots) to find your content.

A live example

We redesigned Anglia Door Systems website which included improved navigation for users to request different types of services. Anglia Door Systems made a 400% return on investment in just three months as users turned to customers with the aid of an easier website to navigate!

But remember!

Major changes to your website require thought and planning. Ensure to carefully map your URL redirects if changes are made to minimize the risk of broken links and SEO problems.

Interested in a website redesign?

Contact us today for a FREE website audit where we can identify areas to improve your website and offer you a no-obligation website redesign quotation. We work with businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk providing website and digital marketing solutions.

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